MR7000 – Marking and reading solution

The MR7000 is a complete solution for micro percussion marking, Data Matrix™ codes as well as reading Data Matrix™ codes. It provides high-precision marking complying with standards in affect in the aerospace, defence, automotive and other industries.

MR7000 – Marking and reading solution
The MR7000 is the ideal marking solution for aircraft parts, safety-critical parts and high added-value parts. The precision of the guidance and the use of an electromagnetic stylus provide perfect control of positioning and impact force. The solution also includes a hand-held Data Matrix™ code reader, connected either to a PC or to the marking machine itself, so that the conformity of the marking on the part can be checked. Lastly, micro percussion marking cannot be forged, in contrast to ink-jet marking, for example. The MR7000 is particularly ergonomic and simple to use. The marking area is 100 x 120 mm, with a 280 mm motorized Z-axis. No manual adjustment is necessary: the electromagnetic stylus is fitted with a touch sensor which automatically locates the marking surface and positions itself correctly. The marking log is saved in the machine and can easily be exported. The marking program can be defined and loaded into the machine in advance by the supervisor (force, texts, etc.). All the operator then has to do is execute the markings, without having to adjust the programming. A wide range of accessories are available. The circular part marking system converts the MR7000 into a 4-axis machine (X, Y, Z, rotation), ¬ this procedure does not require a PC. An automatic plate feeder with a 160-item capacity means that certain tasks can be automated. TECHNIFOR technical assistance and customer support is available in more than 30 countries. For further information, visit us at www.gravotech.com.

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