SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

For the 4th year, SOURIAU wins AIRBUS’s best Supplier Award for standard electrical parts

SOURIAU is pleased to announce that it has been honoured with the 2010 AIRBUS Supplier of the Year Award in recognition of the best global performance during the supplier SQAL Electrics Conference held in Toulouse on December 16, 2010.


"Rittal – the System" offers planning, equipment and service for data centres from one source

Data centres are complex projects. Secure, available and energy-efficient IT services are only possible with a seamless interaction of software, hardware and IT infrastructure. "Rittal – the System" is the new plat-form the data centre specialist is presenting in a bid to shorten the path to turnkey data centres greatly. Just like a set of building bricks, individually matched components can be fitted together and combined with consulting and services.


Triple protection: UPS system solution for an offshore platform

An Uninterruptible Power Supply is mandatory on oil rigs: for safety reasons, the signal lighting must be operational at all times. Tasked with designing a UPS solution for an offshore rig off the African coast, R. STAHL was faced with three challenges. The UPS system not only required protective measures against explosive atmospheres, but also had to be adapted to the great heat and maritime climate at the rig's location.

NORD Drivesystems

High-performance drives for port facilities

Facing a ceaseless stream of multi-ton loads, drives in portside gantry cranes are under constant pressure to perform. Users need and demand reliable solutions that deliver excellent dynamics, positioning precision, and cost efficiency in equal measure. Hoist and trolley drives used in shipyard or container terminal cranes therefore require specialized mechanics and electronics suitable for this demanding application area.


Weidmüller's "ACT20M"

New product series packaged in a 6-mm module width for converting and isolating analogue signals. High levels of functionality with minimum space requirements. ACT20M product series with Ex Zone 2 approval.


IO-Link Analog Plug: convert analog signals into IO-Link signals

Until now it has been costly to connect and incorporate analog input/output signals, even though they generally only make up less than 10% of the signals used in a system. The reasons include the use of shielded cable on the installation side and expensive multi-channel input modules on the controller side. The new IO-Link Analog Plugs from Balluff with their high resolution of 14 bits provide the solution. They are the ideal choice for systems with limited instances of analog signals.

Westermo Teleindustri AB

Emergency phone system for Europe’s largest suspension bridge

The Great Belt Fixed Link connects half of the Danish population with the rest of the European road and rail network. Approximately 11 million vehicles and 8,3 million train passengers cross the bridge each year. A new 2 x 1 Gbit/s fibre backbone network was recently installed to provide for all the data transmission from the weather stations and CCTV, and a new emergency phone system using IP telephony technology was installed. To provide the data communication between the telephone and the fibre backbone, the company A/S Storebælt has chosen the robust Westermo Wolverine Ethernet Extender.


Weidmüller's "PRO-H" switch-mode power supplies

New family of EX approved power supply units designed to meet the needs of the processing industry and demanding automation technology solutions. Single-phase, slimline switch-mode power supplies save space when populating electrical cabinets. A truly international solution thanks to wide-range input and the corresponding approvals.


RF GFI/GFIS: Foot controls with new high reliability wireless technology

The advantages of wireless communication are particularly obvious in the case of foot controls. The units can be positioned at will and there are no cables to trip over or restrict movement. With the RF GFI/ GFIS series engineers wishing to exploit these advantages not only have a new series of wireless foot switches at their disposal; they can also use a new high reliability wireless standard developed by steute.

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